I recognize that industry experts, teachers, and training professionals may not be equipped to provide the creative learning experiences they desire.


Dove Training & Innovations

Dove Training & Innovations offers training and education consulting services. We offer proven expertise in workshop facilitation, instructional design, instructional coaching, curriculum development, and review. Our solutions are grounded in strategies that not only increase knowledge and skills but also improves agency and confidence. The advantages for our clients are increased participant implementation of training material, improved participant productivity, innovation, and empowerment.

Dove Training & Innovations, LLC will be a leader in training and education by creating and offering innovative and transformative learning experiences by incorporating research based proven methods that integrate thoughts, behaviors, and knowledge acquisition to foster transformation. Our mission is to help adult learners increase confidence in their ability to master and apply new skills, and to connect their existing knowledge and experiences to learning situations to strengthen performance and achievement.

Instructional Design

The art of designing instruction involves the incorporation of sound techniques. With an emphasis on innovation, student learning,  and efficiency, opportunities are limitless to re-imagine learning experiences. That’s where we come in.


Today, the modality for educational and training offerings is constantly in flux. How we quickly adapt and focus on developing remote learning experiences requires intentionality and fearlessness. We will support your efforts to offer e-learning solutions to meet your need.

Training Technology

Educational and training technology is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about sound trends. With the consistent introduction of innovative technology, now more than ever, you can focus on leveraging technology to create the learning experience of a lifetime.

Dr. Lisa Hammonds, Chief Consultant

Dr. Lisa Hammonds, CEO and chief consultant brings 15+ years experience in higher education supporting stakeholders in developing innovative learning experiences. Dr. Hammonds has maintained an established education and training career that includes, teaching, professional development and instructional design. An expert in teaching and learning, coupled with a commitment to student success, Dr. Hammonds recognizes the importance of responding to learners’ needs by providing quality educational experiences.

Prior to a career in education, Dr. Hammonds successfully served as an industry professional in computer science and information technology. She draws upon her extensive background to provide consultation to stakeholders to offer innovative training and development solutions.

“Dr. Hammonds approach to the challenge of rapid conversions allowed confidently adapt our curriculum for virtual delivery and thereby meet our goals for the course.”–Dr. Severance, UNTHSC